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Delving into the Subconscious to Write a Crime Novel

I had been thinking of writing a crime novel with a different approach to committing murder, a method that would be untraceable to a detective. About that same time, I read a book by Steven Claysen entitled "The Lehman Project: Experiments in Subconscious Communication." Claysen described various ways he used his sub-conscience mental powers to influence people around him. Of course, Claysen used his powers only for good, but I began to wonder what would happen if someone could influence another person, subconsciously--like with telepathy--to commit a murder.

How would a Homicide Detective ever be able to tract down or gather evidence to convict such a person? Well, that's exactly what Detective Marc Hussmann must do.

"The Very Thought of Murder" follows the detective as he attempts to grapple with the problem of bringing a murderer to justice while trying to protect himself from...well, now, that's the trouble. Who would the killer influence to go after Detective Hussmann? It could be anyone actually. So, if you're interested in a gripping, subliminally creepy thriller with plenty of twists that unravels an emotionally charged, sinister plot (with a little romance), you will not regret reading this book! "The Very Thought of Murder" is a captivating, fast-paced, twisted thriller--delicious and addictive!

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